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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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mass vandalism in the north bay where residents woke up toen ugly surprise. i'm katie marzullo. more on that story in a moment. first, the latest on the violent attack at a university in ken na. we're hearing for the first time from a surviving hostage. >> he turned me around, they kicked me.
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>> gunmen from the group al-shabaab reportedly targeted christian students at the school. here's the story. >> i hear the gunshot. we heard someone screaming. >> reporter: a horror that lasted 13 hours and left at least 148 people dead. gunshots shattering the quiet on thursday morning, jolting students at the garissa university college out of their bed, as four gunmen from al-shabaab stormed the campus now. survivors are relegalling what it took to walk out of the school alive. >> me on the plant. >> this young man emerging from one building, saying he covered himself in his classmates' blood and played dead. >> only man who survived the whole place. >> this young woman hid in a wardrobe and covered herself in clothes. >> i was scared. >> she said she heard the gunman
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ask her fellow students about islam. if they couldn't answer the question they would be executed. >> she remained hidden for two days without food or water. >> i was feeling hungry. >> now, 48 hours later, the broken glass and bullet holes still visible. police say they killed the four gunmen and have arrested five other suspects. now the kenyan government vowing to hunt down mohammad muhammad the alleged master mind behind me massacre. on saturday al-shabaab released a statement saying this slaughter will not be the last and that kenyan cities will run red with blood. kenya's president going on tv today, vowing to respond in the severest way possible and calling for three days of national mourning. >> new details now about a man from oakland who is the first reported u.s. citizen killed in the recent political violence in yemen. a memorial is underway for jamal
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al-labani who died in a mortar shelling temp traveled to yemen out of concern for his wife and two-year-old daughter who still live in the country and had made who unsuccessful attempts to flee. he owned a gas station in west oakland. his nephew says he was a good man. >> i feel so sad because we lose my uncle. he was my friend and we worked together. we spend a lot of time together. it's bad thing that's happened. >> al-labani's 14-year-old yemeni never feud died in the attack on tuesday. we'll have a live report on a community memorial today at 6:00. now to the vandalism in novato. cornell bernard is live in novato. vandals hit more than 40 cars there? >> reporter: that's what we have seen today.
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a lot of tires to change. a lot of money for people as well. as for police here at headquarters big van limp case ahead. the motive? unknown. >> most every car on the east side of fourth street was hit. everywhere you look car after car, tires are flat, slashed by vandals, some treads still deflated. police say the vandals struck overnight, targeting 20 cars but we counted at least 40. >> it's wrong. people they need their cars for work. it's pretty sad people are doing that. >> pretty sick. i'm glad they didn't nail my corvette one tire is $500. >> mario's car was spared but his son's honda got punctured. >> you can't forsee it. you wake up and go, what the hell thing to deal with on a day you want to relax from working hard all week. >> reporter: volunteers with habitat for humanity or building ten new family homes on fourth
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street. they say vandalism sends the wrong message. >> this is not the kind of thing that has generally happened so it's a real bummer for the neighbors and hopefully it's an isolate incident. >> we are not rich people. >> jose is changing two tires on the truck he uses for hauling. >> you got to pay for two tires here. that's a lot of money. >> yes, and also my brother's car is the next. and on the family will have to pay for four tires. >> reporter: police are looking for suspects and surveillance video which may have caught the vandals in action in novato, abc7 news. >> the family of a south bay girl who killed herself after she was sexually assaulted say their goal is to use her story to make positive changes. 15-year-old audrey pott committed suicide in 2012 days after she was assaulted and her attackers circulated pictures of her. all three have settled wrongful death lawsuits with potts
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family and two defendant agreed to pay a combined $950,000. the pot toes attorney says the body agreed to help educate young people. he provided us a statement today saying the spirit of audrie was felt by all of us throughout the entire negotiation process. she was telling us it was time to move on and forgive. new details tonight in a deadly accident in san san jose that chosed two lanes of highway 101. a honda was heading south when it hit a person crossing the freeway elm unidentified victim died. the chp says the driver is a woman from san jose. she was not hurt. a passenger in the car, though, suffered cuts and bruises. officers say the driver did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and did stop at the scene. the investigation shut down lanes lanes of 101 for more than four hours. a call to stop violence echoed through san francisco's bay view district this afternoon. >> when we say black lives
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matter, we're speaking to everybody. we're speaking to our own people. >> about 200 people marched along third street inspired by the black lives matter mom. some signs and banners featured the names and images of young people lost to street violence. organizers also fear that san francisco is losing its african-american community. >> we're trying to bring together the black community. right now we're under attack. san francisco has the highest eight of black folks in the country beside hurricane katrina. >> some activists rallied against the use of dried force by polite. residents had a final chance to removal personal itemed from their burned out apartments in the mission district. people carried chairs chairs and other small pieces of if you were from the heavily damaged building. flames consumed several apartments there smoke and water damaged others. investigators believe an electrical problem likely sparked the massive fire on january 28th. one man died.
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the fire caused millions of dollars in damage. we'll see some showers this easter weekend. let's get the latest from frances dinglasan in tonight for drew with live doppler 7hd. hi, frances. >> good evening. have the umbrellas handy heading out for easter service or brunch. live doppler 7hd showing us increasing cloud cover. this is ahead of a cold front that is going to sweep through the bay area tomorrow. i'm going put the computer animation model on and tomorrow. we see scattered showers. starting to taper off by tomorrow afternoon but even more rain on tuesday and wednesday. details and the complete forecast coming up. >> and a glimpse of this morning's lunar eclipse?
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>> there's that scene in the sky of lunar eclipse this morning. not a long
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whoa. chairs flew and glass shattered during a fight at a racetrac in queens, new york. witnesses say tempers flared when people began cutting in long lines at a bar opening at the resort casino. three people were arrested or ticketed on disorderly conduct charges, and a police officer and two other people were injured. the racetrac says it's
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enhancing security to make sure there's no repeat. >> if you take part you may face delays. crewing are beginning a project could upgrade track in oakland. it requires b.a.r.t. not run trains between fruit valley and the coliseum airport. and it will take place on 11 different weekends between now and august. >> tried to schedule this work so that it doesn't take place when the a's are playing at the coliseum. we're also waiting for the nba to come out with the playoff schedule. >> i don't think that's going to work. a lot of people work on the weekend. >> b.a.r.t. says once the work is done riders will notice the trains will travel at faster speeds between stations. traffic backups expected next week on van ness avenue where crews will install a pedestrian tunnel for the new california pacific medical center. starting monday, van ness, from post to ellis will be down to one lane in each direction
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overnight. then thursday it will bell completely shut down through sunday night. the tunnel will connect the new hospital to the medical office buildings. ahead, short but spectacular. our latest lunar eclipse lasted only minutes. a series of storms is heading female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent...
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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if i just -- >> pope francis led thousands of romeian catholics in an easter vigil service at the vatan. it's the beginning of easter celebration. francis expressed growing alarm
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during his holy week appearances due to rising violence against christians in the middle east. some of the communes date week in earliest dives christianity. if you were up early enough you might have seen the lunar eclipse. it's the shortest eclipse in 100 years. this i a view from our exploratorium camera around the time the eclipse peaked at 4:58 a.m. the moment when the moon was completely on securedly earths' shadow only lasted five minutes bus the moon passed through the upper part of the shadow. very cool. spring is in full bloom here in the bay area, and abc7 news viewer are sharing the beauty of the season, like this photo. very colorful flowers in ben nisha, and you can see the sun brighten up these plants.
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send your photos to, and we have frances dinglasan for drew this evening. no offense to drew. but lovely to see you and you're bringing the well as well as -- >> y fact we're seeing the cloud move in with live doppler 7hd. the clouds are moving in and rain is on the way. here's a live view. looking at clouds and temperatures cooler today compared to yesterday. five to ten degrees cooler. san francisco is currently 56. san carlos, 59. morgan hill 66. another shot, this time looking north towards the golden gate bridge there, and a few more temperatures mainly in the low 60s through santa rosa fairfield, concord, livermore. things are going to drop even further tomorrow. for mt. tam, we check out the bay. here's what you can expect. we have showers easter sunday. then get ready for even heavier rain monday evening through tuesday, which may even bring us
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a slight chance of thunderstorms and small hail. so we keep a lookout for that for you. it's been pretty gusty at well. gusts up to' -- 33 at sfo and 30 in san jose. this storm is moving in. it's bringing us clouds tonight, and the front will slide through the bay area tomorrow, bringing us our first chance of showers. so if you have plans for easter sunday, here's what you can expect. definitely want to carry your umbrella. showers in the morning hours temperatures on the cool side. upper 40s to upper 50s. by the afternoon things tape are off, then cool in the evening with mostly temperatures in the 50s. so the forecast animation, the latest run shows if you have sunrise services tomorrow at 6:49 look at these light showers all around the north bay and parts of the peninsula. then it tapers off by the afternoon.
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we get a little bit of a break sunday into monday, when this heavier band of rain, monday night, 7:00 p.m., you see the yellow there. the heavy rain will start to slide south in the bay area, hitting at midnight, still waking up to a wet commute on tuesday and then the showers continue through tuesday afternoon. total rainfall amounts, pretty good actually, over the next few days. look for up to an inch in the north bay even up 0 to an inch in parts of the central bay, along the peninsula half inch to three-quarters of an inch around the bay and half inch in the south bay. also this does mean snow for the sierra there is a winter weather advisory. if you have to head back or to toe and from the sierra i advise going tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow afternoon. snow levels dropping to 3,000 feet. we could get up to 11-inches of snow in donner, and then the next system might even bring up to another foot of snow in the
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sierra. overnight lows on the cool side, temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow will be cool as well with temperatures mainly near 60 degrees and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, we have easter showers, then the heaviest rain monday night into tuesday with a possibility of thunderstorms lingering clouds, slightly warmer, and then warming up next weekend, and even though the timing is off of course we'll take all the rain we can get. >> over to shu now and sports. >> busy day, a's and giants final tuneup before the season opener. game three of the bay bridge series, and will this be the final time on the mound for barry okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm...
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the kind i have with you. me too.
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giants defeat the a's in the rubber game of the matchup today at the coliseum. afterwards jays jarred parker and coco crisp on the 15-day dl and re-assigned barry zito to mind you're league. one former a tim hudson got a start. giants got two runs in the fourth. maxwell, line drive to left. buster posey scores. just missed it. in the sixth, barry zito made his return in an a's uniform. he was re-assigned to minors. tim lincecum will pitch one inning of relief. struck out two a's including
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eric sogard. after wards barry seater talk about his future in the miners. >> was going to come back and i've been having a lot of fun this spring so i just want to keep doing that. >> i didn't -- come back here and sit at home. but the ballpark in nashville good music town, take the wife and kids and have some fun. >> i can't complain with the results. if i sit out, is in little confidence builder. >> complete coverage at the a's opener on monday at the coliseum. colin rush will be live from there as the a's open the season against the texas rangers. the masters set for next weekend, tiger woods feeling the thunder at this week's shell houston open with the announcement he would play. patrick reid, playing 178 yards
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today. it's on line. goes in for the hole-in-one. tied for tenth. then races to the green with his caddie, who is also his brother-in-law, and the caddie wins. cook qualified on monday, had the lead but a double-bogey on 15. one back of jordan spieth. shot a 5 under 67. serena williams faired karla suarez navarro in the finals. she came in with a 20-match win streak and dominated winning in 56 minutes. dropped five points in the second set cruising to a straight-sets victory. her eighth miami open title. serena needs some competition. 2 or in the finals. wow. how about some soccer
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chelsea and stoke city. adams stoked after this shot from 65 yards out, and in it goes. adam from his own side of the field. ties it at one. however, chelsea would win the game 2-1. u.s. women prepare fog their world cup, facings in in a friendly. americans led 1-nil at halftime. then the score in her home town. 2-nil. then julie johnson heads it in. >> i'm glad to see barry zito accept hit minor league assignment but he will take his family and enjoy it. >> thanks. ahead, a creation that could have women kicking up their heels. that
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march for truth coming up at 6:00. why hundreds of people took time this holiday weekend for a demonstration in san francisco, and the message they want to send. costly commitees. are you getting what your tax money is paying for the state capitol? a fashion designer selling convertible high heels. you can change heel with the push of a button. the interchangeable shoes cost $400. they're available online with a store opening soon in l.a. fran sees, paying attention? that could come in very handy.
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>> i'll take one. >> add a couple inches to my height too. >> see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." severe weather. fierce spring storms from kansas to the carolinas taking a deadly toll. flash floods, washed out roads, now the cleanup and the forecast on this holiday weekend. homegrown terror. chilling new details in the arrest of a philadelphia woman accused of trying to run away with terrorists. her e-mails, her tweets and this, #isis. staying alive. the new family car spying on distracted drivers. some are calling it the snitch key. so who's it supposed to protect? last call. the hollywood hangout drawing stars and star wanna-bes. america's first karoake bar getting ready to sing its last song.


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